Family Reunion Photos { July 2014 }

It’s not often the whole Jenkins’ family gets together with everyone spread out across the country, so we took advantage and had a photographer come document the occasion.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get 33 people to look happy for the camera?!!

I’m so grateful to be connected to this awesome bunch of people.  I love my family so much and had the best week with everyone.  I miss the days when we all lived in Washington, but cherish the time we do have together.


IMG_2464IMG_2455IMG_2417   IMG_8836 IMG_8829 IMG_8828 IMG_8825 IMG_2444

IMG_8818  IMG_8948


We tried so hard to get Evan to smile but he wouldn’t budge!  These little look alikes just so happened to have matching outfits.


Isn’t she the cutest?  I love how shy she gets for pictures.


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