Ready, set, here we go!

Big Ben London EnglandIf life’s an adventure, we’re about to embark on a big one!  We’ve decided to move over to London for the next six months or so. Lynn will be helping out in the new Tableau office there.  It’s an idea we’ve considered for over a year, but it never felt right until now.  Funny how things fall into place sometimes.  The three oldest were starting new schools this year anyway and Jace is still in preschool.  Here I was, stressed about managing schedules at 4 different schools, early morning seminary, sports, scouts and everything else and now we’ll all be together doing school at home.  At least that’s the new plan.  Be careful what you wish for!  Homeschooling is my greatest fear there, but I love the idea of having no set schedule and taking lots of fieldtrips so I will do my best to make it work.

Lynn asked me if we were crazy to even consider doing this and I told him “Yes, but we’re crazier not to!”  So now we’re in the thick of preparations to make this happen.  I’m actually surprised things haven’t fallen apart–so far things have been (nearly) seamless and approved in record time.  Good thing we submitted our visa application a day before the government shut down, and got them just in time!  It’s daunting what is required to move to another country (passport pictures, passport applications, visa pictures, visa applications, doctor visits, hours and hours of paperwork, biometrics for fingerprints and facial recognition, etc…).  Poor little Jace had to try so hard to take his pictures without smiling while his pesky older brothers were making faces trying to get him to crack.  Brothers.   Carting the boys around to all of this is making me second guess whether we’re ready to be seen in public amongst more proper and mannered civilization.  Hopefully they’ll pick up a few things there in that regard.

Researching curriculum for homeschooling, updating all 4 with their immunizations, well check visits, orthodontist and dentist appointments, supervising Tyler’s online high school progress, shopping galore and getting the house ready to leave while managing the rigors of our normal crazy lives means I haven’t packed a single thing.  Have I mentioned at least one of my kids has been home sick everyday too?  Well, this is real life.  It’ll all come together eventually I hope.  This part isn’t fun, but I know it will be worth it all in the end.

Lynn flies out tomorrow to find us a place to live, as well as get started out there. We have an agency helping us, but it’s nearly impossible to understand the area and trust the pictures of what’s available.  Those wide angle lenses make reality a bit shocking!  It’ll be a miracle if we can find something furnished with enough space for our group that’s within a 20 minute tube ride from the office, but we’ll see.  It’ll be quite the adjustment.  He’ll head home just in time to turn around so we can all fly out together on October 29th or 30th.  Yes, I feel like a horrible mom not letting my kids enjoy trick-or-treating this year.  Good thing they have the church Trunk-or-Treat and my parent’s annual Halloween party.  I’m sure they’ll be sugared up just fine!

The boys are getting antsy to get over there and are so excited, even if they have no idea how much their lives will change.  Tyler finished his European history course last week so he’ll be educating us all.  I’m looking forward to getting all the logistics behind us and immersing ourselves in the culture there.  It’s bound to be one wild ride!