The Fray {Sept 2014}

At the end of September, Tyler mentioned that the Fray was in town, knowing how much I love their music.  I didn’t give it much thought since it was a school night and all.  But then I got thinking – when am I going to have this chance again?  So the morning of the concert, I looked to see if there were any tickets left assuming they were sold out.  As luck would have it, there were two tickets for the floor – standing only.  Little did I know we’d be standing for 4+ hours, but I snagged the last of the tickets and surprised Tyler as he returned home from school.  We rode out to Shepard’s Bush O2 and joined the massive line around the building.


They were on a European tour for their new Helios album – which is fantastic.  They haven’t toured in over 5  years, so I’m glad we jumped at the chance.


Photo cred: The Fray

The opening act was a really good band from Ireland.  I wish I could remember their names, but I’m getting old and forgetful.

Surrounded by screaming fans, the Fray finally appeared and sounded awesome live.  We were so close to the stage, though I wish I were taller to see over everyone’s phones.  At least Tyler’s height came in handy and he took a few pictures and videos for me.   They mixed all their new songs with their well-known hits and even threw in a few off-album ones I loved.  The concert rocked is all I can say.  It was so fun!

IMG_2680  IMG_2696

IMG_2703   IMG_2704

IMG_2710   IMG_2713


Tyler accurately pointed out every guitar brand and model they played with amazement.  He knows all the specs and was genuinely impressed with their musical ability, having recently taken up the guitar himself.

IMG_2716  IMG_2723 IMG_2728    IMG_2738

After the last song, Isaac took this picture of the crowd.  Poor Tyler got blocked, but he was to my right.  He was a genuinely nice, charismatic and talented guy.  They all were – great band.


What an unforgettable night in London I will forever cherish with my Ty Ty.  Five hours on my feet, up til midnight on a school night…we really need to do this more often.


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