Jace turns six!

Why is it so hard to see your baby grow up?  If I could keep him this cute and lovable forever, I would.  He’s my sweet little buddy who still loves his mommy, holding my hand, snuggling and sharing his endless thoughts with me.  Quite a contrast when you’re raising teens boys sometimes.

Picking out treats to share with his kindergarten class was a serious deal to him, so we got Krispy Kremes, which were a big hit.  I feel bad that we can’t have a friend party this year – but he’s just getting to know kids and they’re all spread out so it’s complicated.  He didn’t seem to mind as long as there was a family celebration with cake and presents.


Proudly wearing the birthday crown home, he couldn’t wait to share how they celebrated at school.


Our friends stopped by to wish him a happy birthday and drop off a gift.  We’re so grateful to have them nearby – it’s been great to have boys the same ages with similar interests.  We’ve already enjoyed several park outings and Lego playdates.


We knew we’d better start with cake since we knew he’d have no interest once the presents were opened.  He chose chocolate and made his wish.  (I wish I hadn’t used my portable camera for this event since they turned out really grainy and discolored – oh well.)

IMG_2521    IMG_2526

The joy on his face when he opened each gift was priceless – his brothers all picked out Legos for him and we did too.  It’s his absolute favorite thing.  Since they provide he and his brother endless hours of building creativity,  I can overlook the mess and pain they cause spread all over their room.

IMG_2500  IMG_2507  IMG_2518

His favorite thing of the day was Lego General Grievous, which he has begged to get for a couple years.  It’s finally in a more reasonable set and he quickly put him together.


Thank heavens Nathan loves to build Legos for anyone and in no time, he and Lynn had a few things built and ready to play with.

IMG_2530  IMG_2532

Jace got a skype call from his grandparents which made him happy.  He was eager to share all of his new creations.


Life without this little guy wouldn’t be as sweet.  We love you Jace and hope year six is an awesome one!

A week earlier, I had a turn celebrating another year.  The boys were so anxious to share the gifts they individually picked out which was really sweet.  Those macarons were amazing!  Lynn and I had a great night out with dinner and a West End show  and it was a wonderful start to a new year ahead.  I’m savoring every moment of this last decade of mine.  Eeks.

IMG_2472  IMG_2474

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