Happy Easter!

We wish all our family and friends a very Happy Easter today!  We had grand plans of taking family pictures in the beautifully blooming parks, but the rain storms never let up this afternoon so this picture will have to do this year.  One I took while waiting for our bus to church this morning .



We had to adjust all our Easter traditions quite a bit this year.  Little did I know how hard it would be to find essentially everything I needed for Easter egg hunts and filling their baskets.  I couldn’t even find a single Easter basket anywhere.  Maybe I need to venture out of the city more or perhaps they don’t do things quite the same as in America. Or maybe I should start earlier, but life has been so hectic I feel like I’m constantly throwing things together at the last minute.

So this year will be known as the Easter bags.  All they care about is what’s inside anyway, which was very underwhelming this year too.


I wanted to do our annual egg hunt, but finding plastic eggs to fill was a big fail as well.  Where do people get things here?  And where’s all the jelly beans?  The holidays always make me miss Target and Costco…and home.  We had our own little version of our traditional dinner with ham, potatoes, broccoli and rolls – none of which were homemade or with our usual recipes, which kills me.  I’m having to get over not doing things exactly like home.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who cares, but I should just be grateful for all the time I’m saving not baking rolls, making pies and frosting cookies.

Truly, none of that matters because we were able to spend the day together as a family and reflect on the incredible gift of the Savior’s life and atonement and what it means for each of us.  And that is a tradition we will never change.

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