It’s quite the experience going to Harrod’s.   You can’t miss it, the building is covered in Christmas lights from top to bottom.  We wanted to take the boys to the toy department to get some ideas for Christmas.  Harrod’s is Europe’s largest department store, with over 1 million square feet of shopping.  It’s so over-the-top and excessive, but they have the best toy displays around.  Of course we got lost inside trying to find it.  They have over 300 departments within the building and tons of restaurants too.



Cade loves these little magnetic metal balls you can build with

Once we found the toys, the boys couldn’t believe their eyes.  It’s a dream world for kids.  My two little Lego lovers were in heaven checking out all the Lego displays and sets, many they had never seen.  There was Big Ben and an incredible Tower Bridge display with little taxis and a double-decker bus.  If it wasn’t so insanely expensive, I’d be tempted.

276   281


Jace and Nathan want these cool European Lego sets


This boy loves his Star Wars Legos


It was probably a good thing we only had 30 minutes before closing or we would have been there a while.  Jace found the Star Wars and dinosaur sections.  He’s making his list!

286  283

I seriously wonder who actually buys some of this stuff.  Like this Range Rover for £40,000 which is $65,000 in the US.  You could buy a real car for that!  They have anything and everything here, with catalogs if you can’t find it on the floor.


We were going to take the kids in the Christmas Grotto to go see Santa (or Father Christmas as they say), but the elves here were so weird, they scared the little boys.  Hopefully they’ll have more standard ones elsewhere.  We opted for the Lego Santa instead.


These are Father Christmas’s elves…weird



I think I’ll be doing most my shopping on Amazon, but it was fun to see what’s out there and dream!

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