Trafalgar Square

After we finished up school, we headed over to Trafalgar Square.  Surprisingly, it’s taken us three weeks to get there.  While the weather continues to be sunny, we wanted to explore more outdoors and this open monument was the perfect place to spend the afternoon.  The kids were blown away by all the street performers.  They could not figure out how guys were floating on air until they watched one disassemble his platform.  There’s a little chair that hooks onto the metal pole and runs down their arm.  You’ll notice Jace is not in any of these pictures.  He wanted nothing to do with these people!

295 IMG_4000


This floating guy had the creepiest face!

A magician had Tyler help with his card tricks. He had Tyler write his name on a card and ended up choking on it and pulled it out of his mouth.  Pretty gross.  He was pretty good and even showed the boys how he did some of the tricks when he was done.


This magician amazed the boys with his tricks.

A freaky, gold Shrek guy pulled Nathan over for a picture and Nathan was a bit disturbed the rest of the time, claiming he was being stared at from then on.  There were other musicians and performers all vying for attention and money.


They kids tried climbing on the massive lions, but they were just too big.  Tyler finally made it on top, making his brothers all jealous.  It’s such a beautiful, open area with so much to see and take in.

IMG_4019  IMG_4022

IMG_4029   IMG_4031



We went inside the National Gallery just to warm up, not really knowing what was inside.  Pretty quickly we realized there were no other children and many art enthusiasts enjoying the fine art.  We didn’t stay long, though I’d like to go back alone sometime.  Oh, and if you’re thinking of taking a picture inside—warning-an extremely rude French employee might bite your head off for trying.  Oops, I didn’t see that sign upon entrance.


The National Gallery

When we came out of the gallery, there was a life-like dinosaur roaming around.  Jace thought it was real and just froze.  He’s really gotten into dinosaurs and has learned many of their names.  When I showed him the extra pair of legs sticking out the bottom, he finally believed someone was inside.  We watched the dinosaur for a while, wandering around and then lunging at unsuspecting people making many scream.  There were a few kids in strollers who were a little traumatized, even though they were trying to promote a dinosaur show for children.  Cade got up close and got a good look at it.




We explored the area and got snacks and Tyler found a coin shop that had all sorts of rare money.  He’s been collecting coins for a while now and I was hoping his hobby would mellow out while we were here, but he’s been able to find even more exciting money here (confederate bills, Nazi notes and bags of world coins).  His Christmas list is now full of the most random things from these old shops.  The older the better with him.

We will definitely be back to Trafalgar Square another day, we loved it!


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