Tower of London

Last Saturday, we battled the crowds and went to the most popular tourist attraction here–the Tower of London. The kids were anxious to check out everything behind the stone walls, and we did. From the bloody tower where they tortured prisoners to the spectacular crown jewels and all the armory and weapons from generations, it entertained the boys for hours. It was like a little city contained inside.  It’s hard to believe it was alll began over 1000 years ago.  We heard many fascinating and heartbreaking stories inside these walls.  Seeing prisoners names carved in the stone brought to life some of the events we learned about.

We also learned that for 600 years, it held exotic and wild animals, originally for protection and then given as gifts or for entertainment for people to come see.  Things did not end well when some of the animals attacked visitors and they had to removed.  Cade has been researching the history of the tower and informed us that the only animals on sight now are the six caged ravens that are still believed to be symbolic of the kingdom’s power.  If they leave, the kingdom will fall.

The views of the Tower Bridge were incredible. It’s too bad the windows are so narrow inside the towers to enjoy it.  We had a great day out as a family and understand why this is sight not to be missed.



Steel animals depicting what once roamed the grounds


Tyler loved checking out all the mint coins in the treasury


Outside the bloody tower


Part of the Queen’s Guard performing the Ceremony of the Keys

IMG_3902 IMG_3911 IMG_3916IMG_3985 IMG_3917 IMG_3920 IMG_3934 IMG_3942 IMG_3963 IMG_3965 IMG_3967  IMG_3978


Jace loved seeing the little boy’s armour



The boys wanted to play at the park during daylight hours this time!

3 thoughts on “Tower of London

  1. It all looks so amazing! And you are doing a great job of capturing it! I am fascinated by the monarchy and how/why they have kept so much power and wealth too. It is so interesting. It will be fun to talk to the boys about everything they’ve learned!

    • Yes, that happened last year. He’s actually almost taller than Lynn too. Can’t keep him young as hard as I try. Or enough food in this apartment, man teenage boys eat a lot!

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