Our first weekend here

We all slept in pretty late today.  It’s a combo of jet lag and non-stop exploring.  We finally made it out of the house at 2:30 and surprised the boys by going down to Regent Street to check out the big car show.  There were cars from the 1800’s to today.  Tyler has a deep love for cars and goes to all sorts of car shows with my dad at home, so you can imagine his delight.  It was incredibly crowded, but we made our way through and saw some amazing old cars that had less horsepower than our lawnmower. Jace & Nathan were more excited about the balloons they got than looking at the cars.  Jace was pretty devastated when his flew away.  There was no way we were going back in the sea of people to get a new one.

IMG_2970 IMG_3004 IMG_2998 IMG_2994 IMG_2985 IMG_2980 IMG_2975 IMG_3020

Regent Street is so unbelievable with it’s incredible buildings and fabulous shopping.  They’ve already started decorating for Christmas and I can’t wait to see it lit up at night.  It will be spectacular for sure!  I’m told each street has its own Christmas lighting ceremony with celebrities each night so we’re looking forward to catching some of those.

We hopped on the bus and decided to stop at random places to see what was there.  We really haven’t had time to research where everything is yet, so we’re learning as we go.


Getting familiar with this tube stop by our apt.



We ended up at Hyde Park and checked out the Royal Artillery Memorial of WWI.

IMG_3024 IMG_3026 IMG_3031

We happened upon the cutest ice skating rink and carousel in South Kensington.  They’ve made it into a winter wonderland.  The boys chose riding the horses over the ice, so I’ll have to wait until next time.  A perfect Christmas event for later.

IMG_3033 IMG_3036 IMG_3042 IMG_3039

Right around the corner, we found the church building we’ll be attending on Sunday and met the sweetest sister missionaries, one of whom who knows my sister-in-law from back home in Utah.  Small world.  They had a really neat visitor’s center and we’re excited to meet the ward members soon.  The grounds where they built the church was a bomb sight in WWII, which Tyler had to hear all about.

IMG_3054 IMG_7946


After a quick dinner at the Noodle House, we made a few more stops in Victoria and .. and made a bad call taking the buses back home.  The Saturday traffic here is insane.  There are so many people out and about all day.  It’s a learning process, but the kids were troopers.  On the bus ride home, Jace found what he believes is his long lost balloon and was so happy!!


Hooray for finding the lost balloon!


No sleeping in today.  Church starts at 9 am which meant we had to leave for the tube ride by 8:15.  We were welcomed by the friendliest members, most of whom are Americans with the most interesting stories of why they are there.  We are in the Hyde Park 2nd ward.  I love that church feels the same no matter where you attend.  It was a lovely service and we met so many wonderful people who gave us all sorts of advice and tips.  I’m so happy to meet other moms and get involved in playdates/museum outings with other families.


The kids all went off to Primary and had to start practicing for the primary program that will occur in 3 weeks.  We just had ours back home, so they’ll get to do it twice.  We’ll see if Jace is brave enough again.  Nathan met several friends (one named Jace from Africa..there’s now 3 Jace’s in the ward) and Cade met a few boys in his class from Tacoma, WA.  Go figure.  We were so happy Tyler had a 16 year-old boy from WA D.C. to go to class with, who moved here 3 weeks ago.  He’s doing BYU highschool online too, and they’ll be able to go to early morning seminary together with the few others that attend.  He’s already lined up with lots of activities this month in the Young Men’s program.

Tyler’s hatching a plan to convince us to stay until next Halloween .  He learned a ward member’s son is friends with Paul McCartney’s grandson- and McCartney was disguised this Halloween in a Frankenstein mask handing out candy at his grandson’s in St. Johns Wood.  He wants to dress up as a rock star with a guitar and just so happen to ask for his autograph.  Keep dreaming!

We had to get the kids out of the apartment, so we went back to Hyde Park.  I will be spending a lot of time here.  I love it.  It reminds me so much of Central Park.  We went to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground and snuck in right before closing.  What a wonderful place for kids.  This is where we’ll be doing recess since it’s walkable from where we will be living.IMG_3092IMG_3073IMG_3085 IMG_3065

A few steps away was Kensington Palace, where Prince William, Kate and baby George live.  We need to get tickets to tour it soon.  I was surprised at how open it is to the public. What a beautiful place!




“Mom-I want to talk on this iphone!”

By the time we made it back home, Jace begged me to put him to bed.  Music to my ears.  He didn’t even bother changing out of his clothes, he was that tired.  I think we’re pushing his limits of stamina.  What a weekend, I’m exhausted too!  Hope I can pull of our first day of home school tomorrow…

6 thoughts on “Our first weekend here

  1. Hyde Park is one of my favorite places of all time. The BYU Londen centre is off of the Queensway tube stop, literally across the street from Hyde Park. There’s also a really good lunch cafe nearby called Princess Diana’s Cafe or something like that. And a lot of good Indian food joints. A fun thing to do on weekends or even during the week is Portobello Road market, they have antiques and some produce and souvenirs. Borough market is also a great one for awesome produce, really good food and snacks. I think they are open every day. The Noodle House was one of my favorite places too.
    You’ve got to take Tyler to the Cliffs of Dover before you leave. He’d be in heaven.

    • I’ll have to try out all your ideas. We are loving it here. I could see myself living here longer for sure. I’ve been surprised how much I like the food–because they have so many options and a lot of premade meals that are healthy and less processed than at home. What are the Cliffs of Dover?

  2. I second all of Diane’s comment! Dover was one of my favorite places we visited. The white cliffs are beautiful, but I think Diane was talking about Dover Castle and the WWII tunnels below the castle. So cool!

    I want to know what are some of the other jobs/reason’s American’s live there for a time. I so would love to do that with our family. Adam’s kind of in the wrong field, but I can always dream. Until then I’ll live vicariously through you. 😉

    So glad you are all doing well!

    • That’s right, I forgot you lived here too, Brie! I just looked up the Dover Castle and it looks like a must see event! I can hardly keep up with my list! If there are any other spots that wouldn’t be obvious to see, let me know. We’re loving every minute. I could live here a lot longer!

      It’s interesting you ask about the job situation for some people cause I was thinking of you guys on Sunday when a girl about your age said her husband had a law degree from Berkley and just couldn’t find a job in the US because of the economy so they looked out here and found something great. Some people work for the embassy, some are on assignment for a couple years and quite a few moms are actually here going to school. We’ll get to know more, but it was neat to hear all the different stories and length of stay for some. So you could broaden your search if Adam’s job isn’t ideal. Not a bad place to live, even if it’s a short while!

      • Thanks for the job info, Keri. I have always wanted to go back to London and live there for a bit. You gave me hope! I’m happy to say that Adam loves his new job, but maybe when the kids are a bit older we can make it there. Until then I’ll live vicariously through you.

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