Househunters International

Every once in a while, I catch an episode of Househunters International on tv.  It’s always fascinating to see the variety of different countries’ living situations.  Today I felt like I was on the show.  We met up with a lovely British woman who showed us several apartments in Kensington.

Some were repeats of what Lynn had seen a few weeks ago when he came to find one.  The one he originally picked out and made an offer on was rejected because the landlord decided to sell it instead and left us hanging with no place to go.  It would be ideal to only have to view 3 properties to make a decision like in the show, but it’s been difficult finding something to accommodate our large group within a reasonable area to Lynn’s office.  Everything here is insanely expensive and small.  But this location is ideal, so we’re hoping we can make it work.  We liked all three of these and ended up making an offer on the one, which we’re waiting to hear back from on Monday.  They don’t do business on the weekends like us Americans.

We decided to check out several more in the Holland Park area to compare. They were not the right fit.  The apartments were narrow and spread over four levels.  I can’t even imagine hiking those stairs up and down every day (especially in the one that starts on floor 2 and has no elevator (or lift I should say).


Nathan’s first tube ride. A bit nervous!

We got Oyster Passes today which allow us to ride the public transportation on an unlimited basis (the tube, buses and trains).  The boys learned how to squish onto the tube and hold on tight.  Nathan was pretty scared at first, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of things.  And to realize that people aren’t all that scary. He seems to think every man is a potential kidnapper or pickpocketer.  I may have warned him to stay close to me a little too much, but he tends to wander so you do what it takes!  Thank goodness my 5 year-old insists on holding my hand everywhere we go.

After regrouping, we decided to walk around Westminster and check out Big Ben.  Jace and Nathan have been antsy to see it up close.  The Parliament building is impressively intricate and beautifully lit up at night.  There were loads of people on a Friday night.  We got a quick look at Westminster Abbey which was equally grand.  The kids have so many questions and I have no answers for them.  It’s time to start researching the history behind all of these great sights.


Big Ben


Westminster Abbey


Cade impressed by Big Ben

Next up was our first ride on a double-decker bus.  Of course they had to sit up top.  We need to take a tour this way and get our bearings above ground.  Jace giggled as he looked at all the cars below feeling so high up.


Waiting at the bus stop


Cade enjoying the view from up top


Jace insists on a window seat to see everything below

It wouldn’t be complete without an English dinner of fish and chips. We didn’t realize it meant you get the whole fish!  We found a Garfunkle’s and poor little Jace conked out on the table, fast asleep.  Snoring before dinner even arrived.  That’s what happens when you wake up at 3:45 am.  We enjoyed our meal in peace and took his home in a box to have later.

IMG_7925 IMG_7927 IMG_7928

The little boys and I went back to the apartment to crash and Lynn and the older boys went out on the town.  They love exploring and shopping for groceries at the little Tesco nearby each day.

5 thoughts on “Househunters International

  1. It does sound like everyone is getting their exercise. It would probably be a bit much for the boys but Dad and I went to a short mass at Westminster abby so we could hear the choir sing, It was pretty surreal. I love that you are right downtown and can walk to so much. Just wait until the boys go to the tower of London, they will love the spooky history. I guess the next big adventure will be finding a church. Thanks for the posts

  2. Good luck getting your place! Also, I don’t think on house hunters they only look at three properties either. I think they only show you three of the ones people looked at or liked the most. 😉 home hunting is tough!

  3. I love house hunters international. Funny to think that was you and your family! You are so lucky that you get to go see those sights and then go back and learn more about the ones you want since you are there for so long!

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